MetaWorth Whitepaper

Introducing Metaworth

Metaworth is a decentralized Metaverse-based
ecosystem that offers a range of innovative products
and services aimed at unlocking the full potential of the
Metaverse and promoting a healthier lifestyle.
The heart of the Metaworth is Metakey, a revolutionary
key that not only unlocks the world of Metaverse but
also enhances reality. With Metakey, users can access a
range of exciting virtual experiences and connect with
other users in the Metaverse. But Metakey is more than
just a key – it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities.












MTW is the main token of the Metaworth ecosystem.
Ticker: MTW
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total supply: 200,000 (Limited and Exclusive)
Contract Address:

Presale DEX CEX
Reserve Team Airdrop
Security Marketing Advisor


Metaworth is an ecosystem with two main sections: DeFi and MetaverseApp. Metaworth DeFi offers a range of cutting-edge features, including MetaSwap, Staking, Yield Farming, and other sections that enable users to participate in the decentralized finance ecosystem securely and effortlessly. The MetaverseApp section is where Metaverse Applications such as EcoFit will be launched.

EcoFit is an application that encourages users to exercise with a variety of games that provide exciting virtual experiences, all while earning rewards through


Metaworth is also committed to discovering users’ better selves – regardless of their mental or geographical limitations. We are passionate about using blockchain and Metaverse technology to promote positive change, and we are dedicated to provide our users with the tools and resources they need to unlock their full potential.

At Metaworth, we believe in using the power of blockchain and Metaverse technology to promote sustainable transportation by encouraging users to choose eco-friendly vehicles such as electric scooters, we can help reduce carbon emissions and make our planet a better place to live.


DeFi is a novel blockchain-based technology that allows users to interact directly with each other and conduct transactions without intermediaries. Generally, DeFi is recognized as a decentralized financial system that is defined by blockchain and smart contracts.

One of the prominent features of DeFi is its high security, which allows users to prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized access to their accounts. In addition, since DeFi is based on smart contracts, any transaction that takes place is provable and verifiable.

• Our Mission and Values:

To promote positive change and empower users to unlock their full potential by leveraging the power of blockchain and Metaverse technology.

  • Empowering a Limitless Future: Our Metaworth ecosystem is driven by the belief that there should be no limits to what we can achieve. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain, we are creating a platform that offers limitless opportunities for growth and exploration.
    Our EcoFit Application and MetaSwap to provide an immersive and decentralized experience, are the objective to a world without any physical or geographical boundaries. 

At the heart of our mission is the idea that by empowering individuals with the tools and resources they need, we can create a better, more equitable world where anyone can unleash their full potential.

  • Encouraging Healthy Living: We believe in the importance of exercise and healthy living, and strive to create a community that supports and motivates individuals to reach their fitness goals. We aim to offer a unique blend of virtual and physical experiences that make fitness more fun and accessible.
  • Promoting Sustainability: Our goal is to promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions by encouraging ecofriendly transportation options. We believe in a world without borders and limitations, where individuals can move freely and sustainably. Our blockchain-based system incentivizes the use of eco-friendly transportation
    options, and we are constantly exploring new ways to promote sustainable practices. 
  • Earning Passive income with the rewards: Earning passive income through rewards programs like apps such as EcoFit, Staking, Farming, and other blockchain based initiatives can have a significant positive impact on the lives of users. By earning rewards for activities like holding cryptocurrency or participating in decentralized finance protocols, individuals can create a steady stream of
    income without having to rely solely on traditional employment.

• Genesis:

The idea behind Metaworth came from the desire to create a decentralized ecosystem that not only unlocks the potential of the Metaverse but also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Metaworth is driven by the belief that blockchain and Metaverse technology can be used to promote positive change and empower users to reach their
full potential without any limitations.

• Hypothesis & Approach:

Metaworth aims to create a thriving ecosystem that encourages users to participate in the decentralized finance ecosystem securely and effortlessly while also promoting positive change and empowering users to unlock their full potential. Through a range of innovative products and services, including Metakey, MetaSwap, and EcoFit, Metaworth provides a multifaceted approach to achieve this goal. Additionally, Metaworth promotes daily exercise, sustainable transportation, making a positive impact on the environment and society. By leveraging the power of blockchain and Metaverse technology, Metaworth can create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits its users and makes a positive impact on the world.

Primary Features

Stepped Private Sale:

The Private sale has multiple steps, with each step offering a set amount of tokens at an increasing price. The Stepped Private sale model reduces the chance of
limited Token holders owning a high percentage of the Presale tokens, making the distribution more fair and Inclusive. This approach can also engage more users in the process, allowing for wider participation in the project.

MTW, The Governance Token:

MTW is a limited and exclusive governance token that serves as the core of the Metaworth platform. With a total supply of 200,000 tokens, MTW holders are entitled to a constant payment of their share of the platform’s profits, including those generated from trading fees such as MetaSwap, Staking, Yield Farming, NFTs, Land parcels, and other features. This payment is distributed to MTW holders based on the percentage of their tokens held, ensuring that they benefit directly from the success of the platform.

As a governance token, MTW grants its holders the ability to participate in key decision-making processes that shape the future of the project. MTW holders can propose and vote on changes to the platform’s governance structure, ensuring that the platform evolves in a way that aligns with the interests of its users.

In addition to these benefits, holding MTW tokens also provides exclusive access to certain features of the platform. This includes access to exclusive content, early access to new features, and other benefits that are only available to MTW holders. By holding MTW tokens, users can become a vital part of the Metaworth community and contribute to the growth and development of the platform.

MetaKey, Unlocks Metaverse:

Metakey is an important component of the Metaverse, serving as the primary currency for purchasing NFTs and Land parcels. Metakey can also be used as a key to
unlock Metaverse applications, which provide users with access to a variety of features and experiences within the Metaverse. Additionally, Metakey can be used for a range of other purposes, including buying avatars, assets, etc. As the Metaverse continues to evolve and expand, the use cases for Metakey are likely to grow, making it an important asset for anyone.

Introduction To NFTopia

NFTopia is a groundbreaking NFT marketplace that takes NFTs to the next level by offering more than just digital assets. Users can create their Ideal NFTs using AI technology and their creativity. 

• Specialties of NFTopia NFTs:

NFTopia NFTs come with advanced functionalities that make them more versatile and practical. These functionalities are specific to each NFT’s category and can range from granting access to exclusive content or events to unlocking rewards or bonuses.

• NFT Categories:

NFTopia offers a wide range of NFT categories that cater to everyone’s preference, including Application NFTs, Metaverse Land’s ownership, and Avatars and gaming assets, etc. Each NFT category is designed with unique attributes and characteristics, making them one-of-a-kind and highly valuable.

• EcoFit NFTs:

EcoFit NFTs have a lot of capabilities in the EcoFit application, including unlocking the application, controlling exercising and having a personal couch. These advanced functionalities add practicality and value to each NFT. EcoFit users can upgrade their NFTs and sell them with higher price ranges.

EcoFit: Fitness and fun, All in One

EcoFit is a revolutionary fitness application having AI technology designed to make exercise fun and rewarding. Our goal is to encourage healthy living by providing users with a variety of ways to get active, whether it’s walking, running, hiking, or biking.

With EcoFit, users can track their progress, set goals, and earn rewards for their achievements. We believe that everyone should have access to tools that make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle, and that’s why we are creating EcoFit.

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety can easily take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. EcoFit provides an easy solution for people to take care of themselves by getting active. Our application is designed to make exercising more fun
and enjoyable, encouraging users to stay committed to their fitness routines. Whether it’s walking, hiking, or running, EcoFit rewards users for their efforts and progress, providing them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

EcoFit is a revolutionary application promoting sustainability.

 Our goal is to create a fun and rewarding way for users to use green transport such as electric scooters and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

 By promoting healthy living and eco-friendly transportation, EcoFit is not only helping users lead a better life but also making a significant impact on the environment. Our innovative approach to fitness and sustainability is a game-changer in the world of health and wellness. Join us in our mission to create a cleaner and healthier world for future generations.

The Benefits of EcoFit Application

1.Reducing Pollution:

By using eco-friendly transportation options such as walking, biking, or using electric vehicles, users can significantly reduce pollution and help combat climate change.

2.Saving Money:

Using green transportation can save users money on gas and other transportation costs, while also providing a more enjoyable and scenic way to get around.

3.Promoting Community:

Encouraging sustainable transportation can also help build stronger communities by promoting interaction between neighbors and reducing traffic congestion.

The Importance of Exercise and Wellness

Improving Physical Health:

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Enhancing Mental Health:

Exercise can also improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep, and boosting self-esteem.

Increasing Social Connections:

Group workouts or fitness challenges can also help individuals connect with others, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Introduction To Metaworth DeFi

Through its decentralized platform, Metaworth is empowering users to unlock their full financial potential by enabling them to interact directly with each other and conduct transactions without intermediaries. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and smart contracts, Metaworth is creating a secure and transparent financial system that is changing the way we think about finance.


MetaSwap is a decentralized exchange that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, providing users with fast and low-cost trading. Another standout feature of MetaSwap is its lack of restrictions on sending and receiving tokens. Additionally, MetaSwap does not require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for transferring tokens, which can be a selling point for those looking to maintain their privacy.

Primary Staking:

During the stepped Private Sale, users can stake their tokens for a specific period of time and collect Metakey. Stakeholders can stake more tokens or unstake anytime they intend to. However, the reward can be harvested only if the staking period is finished.

VIP Staking:

In VIP Staking, users lock and stake their assets for 3 months and their rewards will be 9% APY in Stable Coins. Our goal is to increase user motivation to hold their assets for longer periods of time and instead move towards sustainable asset growth. We believe that a 3-month hold prevents a drop in the value of the MTW token, which benefits both our DeFi system and the users.

Important Note:

Using the stablecoin, BUSD as a reward assures users that the value of their reward is stable and independent of cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Therefore, users do not need to worry about market fluctuations and the possibility of a decrease in the value of their reward.

Where does the staking profit come from?

For the first 3 months, we provide the initial profit from our liquidity to reassure users. After this period, staking and farming profits are paid from the received fees and profits from various applications. 

We believe that paying profits through fees and profits from various applications can be used as a sustainable and reliable method for paying profits to users. We believe in a win-win collaboration.

Metaworth Yield Farming

Yield Farming will be launched with modern and user-friendly features in the future.


  • Phase 1 (Completed)

• Conceptualization and Research: Conducted a thorough analysis of the cryptocurrency market and identified an opportunity for Metaworth.

Team Building: Assembled a team of experts in the areas of Blockchain development, finance, marketing, and legal.

• Metaworth Website Launch: Developed and launched the Metaworth website, which serves as the project’s official platform for news and updates.

• Roadmap Development: Created a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the project’s milestones and goals.

• Whitepaper Creation: Developed a whitepaper that provides detailed information on the Metaworth project, its technology, and its potential.

Company Registration: Registered Metaworth as a legal entity to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

• MTW Token Launch: Successfully launched the MTW token, which serves as the governance token of the Metaworth ecosystem.

• Private Sale: Conducted a private sale of the MTW token to raise funds for project development.

•MetaSwap and Defi Section Launch: Launched Metaswap and the Defi section of the Metaworth ecosystem, providing users with a secure and efficient platform for swapping and staking cryptocurrencies.

  • Phase 2

• Website Expansion and Update: Expanding and updating the Metaworth website to provide users with a more comprehensive and informative platform.

• MetaverseApp Launch:A gateway platform that links users to the metaverse, providing access to immersive digital environments and metaverse-based virtual assets and applications.

EcoFit App UI/UX Designing v1.0: Designing the user interface and user
experience of the EcoFit app to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.

• Launch NFTopia: Introducing an NFT marketplace within the Metaworth ecosystem, enabling users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

• EcoFit App Development: Developing the EcoFit app to provide users with a mobile application that enables them to monitor their fitness and wellness goals.

• Metakey Token Launch: Launching the Metakey token, which will serve as a utility token within the Metaworth ecosystem.

• EcoFit App Waitlist: Creating a waitlist for the EcoFit app to build anticipation and generate interest among potential users.

• EcoFit App Testing: Testing the EcoFit app to ensure it functions as intended and is free from bugs or glitches.

• Airdrop: Distributing Metakey tokens to MTW token holders as a reward for their loyalty and support.

  • Phase 3

• App Beta Release: Releasing a beta version of the EcoFit app for public testing and feedback.

• Roadmap Update: Updating the project’s roadmap to reflect progress made in previous phases and to provide a clear vision of the project’s future goals.

• EcoFit Official Release: Launching the official version of the EcoFit app to the public.

• MTW Dex Listing: Listing the MTW token on a decentralized exchange (DEX) to increase liquidity and accessibility.

• Tokens and Team Certik Audits: Conducting audits of the project’s tokens and
team to ensure transparency and trustworthiness.